Part I - The Rape of Solitude

The Little Hunchback

The Little Hunchback

(lyrics based on the French song:
Le Petit Bosco)

The little hunchback walks the street
Dressed in suit and tie so neat,
Clutching flowers in his hand,
When he comes across a band
Of restless youngsters who begin
Following and jeering him,

"Little hunchback has a girl!
Ugliest one in the world!
Has one glass eye and rotten teeth
And walks on paddles 'stead of feet!"
Then they grab, hold him down,
And cast his flowers on the ground.

And then retreat, drunk on the wine
And bittersweetness of their crime.
They watch the hunchback bending down
to pick the petals of the ground,
And see him go with what he saved
To place the petals on a grave.

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