Part I - The Rape of Solitude

Forever Flower Friend

Forever Flower Friend

He met her long before he knew that love would ever live.
He met her long before he had much of himself to give.
But soon he knew that flowers grew, and sun shined in the sky;
And when he couldn't give to them he had to stop and cry,

"I'll love you 'till the sun above beneath the earth descends.
I'll love you 'till the flowers die; 'till then you'll be my friend."

And so he loved her 'till the sun did from the sky descend.
He loved her 'till the flowers died, but this was not the end.

Though flowers come and flowers go, he loved her as before,
For love that was at flower-time will last forevermore.
And so, each year at flower-time, he visits her again
With a gift of flowers for Forever Flower Friend.
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