Part I - The Rape of Solitude

I'll Love You Always

I'll Love You Always
Standing in the early morning cold,
A gentle boy, with curly locks of gold
And deeply penetrating eyes of blue
Gazing from a bearded face, smiled true.
And, reaching out, a flower handed me,
But the bustling city didn't see.
Lonely people hurry-scurry by,
And never look to see each other cry.

But this boy was smiling up at me,
And I knew this crying he could see.
And in his eyes I could see the pain,
As he handed flowers out in vain.
Love and flowers offered to them free,
But the bustling city didn't see.
They hurry by, each one unknowing of
Each other's screaming, painful plea for love.

And Jesus came and gave the blind man sight,
Secret giving in the dark of night,
And disappeared before the blind man knew.
But he knew, and shouted, "Praise Him Who!"
Now, by Love, the blind man could be free;
But the bustling city didn't see.
And, not long after, you could hear them cry,
"Crucify!" in hatred, "Crucify!"
And, now, I look in Flower-Gentle's eyes,
And hear a faintly whispered, "Crucify!"
Not of hate, but of indifference,
And Flower-Gentle's dying I can sense.
And I am borne upon a silver cloud,
And, now, I must look down upon the crowd.
Flower-Gentle's faded far from me,
And faceless blanks are all that I can see.

And Peter said, "You know that I love You,"
And denied Him thrice before the c0ck crew.
"I'll love you always," is the solemn vow;
Yes, but love them all, and love them now.
For lonely people, in their endless search,
Push and shove to hurry out of church.
Why don't we stay, and talk to God awhile?
Take my hand... and love a lonely child.
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