Part I - The Rape of Solitude

Sue Dawn W.
(Visions of Dawn)

Sue Dawn W.
(Visions of Dawn)

I hear a girl singing softly;
I see a girl smile at me.
I see a lovely young maiden;
Visions of Dawn I see.

Visions of Dawn,
Hair to match the golden sand,
Eyes to match the deep blue sea,
Reaching out to touch my hand,
Smiling sweetly just for me.
I see a long-treasured moment.
I hear her calling me.
I see her running toward me;
Visions of dawn I see.

Visions of Dawn,
Hair swept up by the ocean breeze,
Running forth with grace and charm.
Gliding o'er the sand with ease,
Gliding softly into my arms.
Now I can look into her eyes;
Now I can say above the sighs,
"Dawn, I love you;
Dawn, I need you;
Dawn, I adore you,
Dawn, I will always cherish you."
Visions of Dawn.

Two figures down by the ocean,
Two figures I can see -
Visions of Dawn by the ocean,
Visions of Dawn... and me.

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