Part I - The Rape of Solitude

Five O'Clock a Gloomy Afternoon

Exile from Solitude Five O'Clock a Gloomy Afternoon

It's five o'clock, a gloomy afternoon;
The rain is beating on my window pane.
It seems to me as if it's rained all year;
I wonder if I'll see the sun again.

I sit alone within my cluttered room.
The bluegray walls just stand and stare at me.
My mind strives to prove there's nothing wrong,
And my guitar lies soundless on my knee.

I sit in solitude or loneliness;
I don't know which; I don't know what I fear.
The only answer I can hear is rain.
I punctuate each question with a tear.

Nothing ever seems to work out right
At five o'clock, a gloomy afternoon --
Life and love and long and lonely nights --
And even my guitar is out of tune.

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