Part I - The Rape of Solitude

Rainy Morning Dream

Rainy Norning Dream

When I woke up this morning, the rain was pouring down.
It beat against my window and spattered on the ground.
It gurgled in the gutters and made a sleepy sound.
I had a dream of you, and in it I was bound.

The music of the rain formed a fancy, fragile scheme
When it intertwined with the melody of my dream.
I love you, oh I love you so, babbled on the stream.
The teardrops on the awning they glistened and gleamed.

The drizzling, drumming rain said, Dream without a care.
I couldn't lift my covers to touch the chilly air.
To leave your warm and cozy arms, I didnt even dare,
For fear my dream would vanish in a cold, unseeing stare.

Yet, it couldn't last forever, for Time hurries on,
And my dream was interrupted by that bold intruder, Dawn.
Now, as I search for time Ive lost, from the morning on,
I know Ill dream of you again, at night, and all day long.
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