In Answer to a Letter
(Folly Revisited)


In Answer to a Letter
(Folly Revisited)
A hot teardrop left my eye
And kissed my saddened cheek good-bye
To light upon the letter lying there.
And here this tear that I had cried
Sat until she slowly dried.
And from this spot there sprang a Flower fair.

Our dreams are pretty bubbles floating 'round,
And you a little girl upon the ground
Who likes to look at pretty bubbles fly,
But fears that if she takes a step inside
She will be trapped for years.
I am a fool who wants to live each day
In his bubble, so it can't fly away.
And there, in the bubble, you see me,
And reach out and tell me you miss me.
And so I shed a tear.
And I miss you, I miss you, I miss you too.
And so, I shed a tear.

Folly Revisited

I want to walk the ocean sand with you
In the early evening soft and cool,
And feel the closeness of the salty night
And the soft air as it permeates
The sand beneath our feet and you and me
With the soft breath of the sleeping sea.
Over here, beyond these rocks, lying in the haze,
Is my island where I've lived, and where I spent my days.
Come with me to my abode. I want you to know
Every rock that breaks the surf on my island home.
All these things I want to do, thus to help us grow...
Yet is this not a dream we had many years ago?

What good are dreams for you and me
If we're afraid to let them be,
If we're afraid to let them grow,
Just as did the flower fair
Who did spring up from a tear
Which I, in tenderness, let go?
If I fear that I will cry
When Dreams and flowers fade and die,
Or you, that you will be entwined
In a dream of strangle-vine,
We'll snip our dream before she grows,
And press her 'tween the pages of
Our book of memories.
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