Part II - Folly

Folly Fallen

Folly Fallen
Folly Fallen
A dream ran across my mind
And I touched her hand
And she smiled at me
And we walked together hand in hand.

I wished to know if she was real,
So I kissed her lips
And she caressed my neck
And we held each other warm and near.

I thought I knew that she was real,
So I said to her,
"Darling I love you."
And she told me that she loved me too.
Every day I loved her more,
So I dreamed with her
Of all the beauty there
In the land of dreams in which we lived.

But she was never real,
But only an illusion,
Bringing me confusion.
So I stayed alone
In our land of dreams
Dreaming of the dream that I had seen.
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